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Well, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But you know what’s more important for me, a big Sunday breakfast to cure my weekend hangover and get me prepared for my Monday.

Disclaimer, these top 5 breakfast places are my personal favourites and where I would go eat whilst living in London after a night out, obviously cause who eats breakfast during the week? Not me, weekday morning struggles were too hard for me to make myself some breakfast. Hence, it’s all right to treat myself once in a while. You get what I mean, right?

So, now let’s see my top 5 breakfast places in London.


  1. Breakfast Club:

    This one’s on top of my list when it comes to getting a hearty breakfast, inspired by the 80’s classics, it totally lives up to that and you’d feel like you’re in one of those cosy, American diners where a lot of stories have been told. The interiors have fairy lights, pictures of customers and just amazing vibes breakfast and brunch vibes. And the most fascinating or rather exciting part is there is a secret door at the Liverpool Street Breakfast Club, this secret door is basically a refrigerator, which leads you to a bar section and you could just convert your breakfast into a champagne brunch. It’s really cool and if you’re in London you should definitely check out Breakfast Club. It surely wouldn’t be a disappointment.
    What to order: Egg Florentine, Pancakes and Classic Burgers
    Location: Breakfast Club is at 9 locations across Central London
    Timings: 7:30am – 11pm
    Price: £30 – 40 for two
  2. Dishoom:

    Dishoom is inspired by Bombay’s Irani cafes from the 1960’s and founded by Zoroastrian expats. Dishoom was my go to place whenever I missed home food. There were detailed interiors, having that old Bombay charm to it. Dishoom isn’t only great for breakfast, but their Indian street food, lunches and dinners. The only downside is, no matter what day of the week it is, it is very likely there will be an hour-long queue. But we all know, those good things are worth the wait, right? No need to worry, while waiting to get a table you’ll get constant refills of hot chai for free! So if you’re missing Indian food on your holiday in London or craving it, I highly recommend Dishoom.
    What to order: Kejriwal, Bombay omelette, Naan rolls and chocolate chai
    Location: Dishoom is at 4 locations across Central London
    Timings: 8am – 11pm
    Price: £30 for two
  3. My Old Dutch:

    My Old Dutch is what I call ‘pancake paradise’, opened over 50 years ago serving authentic Dutch pancakes in enormous portions here. My Old Dutch is my number one pancake place in London, they have a mind-boggling menu of sweet and savoury pancakes. I can assure you to be confused about what to order off the extensive menu. Cheeky tip there, go with a group of friends make them order everything you would want to try and order for the best, dilemma solved. Also, they have “Madness Monday’s” where all the pancakes on the menu are priced at 5 pounds. It’s a great bargain and a perfect Monday motivator. Forget your diet while going here and just dig in the perfect Dutch goodness.
    What to order: Everything, sorry it’s too hard for me to pick favourites here! But you could order one sweet and one savoury to balance the flavours.
    Location: My Old Dutch is at 3 locations across Central London
    Timings: 11am – 11pm
    Price: £25 – 30 for two
  4. Cereal Killer Café:

    Now the name gives it all away, this place takes their cereal very seriously. To begin with, let’s talk about their creative interiors, it’s probably one of the reasons why I used to keep going back here. Cereal Killer’s colourful, quirky and artistic décor is done using cereal boxes, milk bottles and artwork made out of cereal itself, I bet you’d take a lot of Instagram-worthy pictures here. Now, this isn’t your average cereal bar, they offer 100 types of cereal, 30 flavours of milk and 20 toppings besides, they internationally ship their cereal so if you’re a big cereal fanatic you can have it shipped at your doorstep. Check this one of a kind cereal café and reminisce your childhood.
    What to order: chocopottomus, unicorn poop or be creative and make your own.
    Location: Cereal Killer Café is at 2 locations in London – Bricklane & Camden
    Timings: Bricklane – 8am – 8pm, Camden – 9:30am – 7pm
    Price: £15 for two
  5. The Ivy Chelsea Garden:

    The Ivy is a posh, sophisticated Richard Caring’s Ivy franchise that serves European continental food, lot’s of truffles (duh, it’s a fancy place) and smashing brunches. This isn’t the kind of place you’d want to go in your jumper and smudged mascara from the previous night! Here, you want to put on a cute dress and on and go for a special occasion. It’s a lovely place to go to on a sunny summer afternoon as they have an outdoor garden and rooftop space. The interiors are very eye catching and elegant having a Persian feel, and a lot of plants, greenery and garden elements around you. They’ve got a tantalising menu to fit for everyone. I would suggest giving this place a shot for your birthday or any occasion per say. A tip, always try and get a table outside.
    What to order: Truffled eggs, Avacado and tomato toasts, mushrooms on toast and a glass of rosé, please!
    Location: 197, King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5ED
    Timings: 8am – 11pm
    Price: £50 – 60 for two

There you have it, all my favourite breakfast/ brunch places in London that will cure your hangovers and cravings. And forget about the calories you will be consuming just enjoy your meal and then you have the entire day to burn them off! Also, always remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let’s try and not skip it.

If you want to know about my favourite rooftop bars in London, you’ll find them here.


58 thoughts on “Top 5 Breakfast Places in London

  1. It all sounds so good!I wish I had this list a few days ago when I visited London for one day. My friends and I were looking for a great breakfast place, but settled for Mc Donalds’s haha. I have a London Travel Diary on my blog if you want to check that out ^_^


  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, love Eggs Benedict and whenever their on the menu I don’t even bother to look or consider anything else 🙂 I could love Liverpool Street Breakfast Club, yes indeed those pancakes with fresh strawberries and clotted cream, dare I say no! 🙂 and Champagne brunch afterwards, yes please!

  3. This is a pretty good spread! Dishoom looks really interesting, and i love the name! Omg My Old Dutch is making my mouth water, that looks so delicious! I might just end up having dessert for dinner today 😀 thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I am not really a breakfast person (I’m more of a midnight snack kind of person teehee!) but that breakfast at Ivy Chelsea Garden looks like a thing of sweet dreams! I would definitely love eating (not to mention photographing) those.

  5. Not sure that breakfast really indeed is the most important meal of the day, but if one can upgrade it, that’s good information, though those pancakes at the Old Dutch would put me into a coma. Do you have a companion post about the worst five places in London?

    • Ahaha, it’s suppose to be the most important meal, though most of us have tendencies of skipping it. That’s actually a great idea, I could do a post on worst five places in London.

  6. Oh gosh. Everything looks delectable! If that’s what I get for breakfast I’d definitely be eating breakfast all day! Great choices.

  7. What a great theme for a post, I haven’t read a Breakfast in London post before! All 5 places look charming & unique in their own right, the Cereal Killer cafe sounds so delightful! Gonna check out your post on Rooftop Bars now 🙂

  8. This is really cool… I definitely have been to Old Dutch and Cereal Killer and I totally agree with your “what to order” for Old Dutch… it’s just too full of amazing stuffs to decide from. Cutesy post 🙂

    • They are mouthwatering indeed, my old Dutch is amazing for anyone who loves pancakes. And breakfast club has a very 80’s movie theme to it, so could relate to Hollywood.

  9. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, but I’m not sure I could pay £15 for cereal! They do look like wonderful places to wake up, eat and have a natter with a friend.

  10. I’m bound to London in about a week and you can’t imagine how important and useful this post is for me! I’m saving it on my phone so as to have the info at hand once there. Thanks!

  11. This pancakes look scrumptious! Would be busting at the seams after devouring them. Intrigued by the cereal cafe as well!

  12. These sound like great places to eat in London! I lived in England for 2 years and didn’t really get to many breakfast places. I like the idea of unicorn poop! that is quite funny.

  13. I totally thought I’d be able to pick a favourite out of your 5 but I think I’d need to try all of them! They look and sound delicious! What a great list!

  14. Nice collection. I like a good breakfast on a holiday and don’t mind hunting down places for it. From your description, Dishoom does seem interesting as does Breakfast club. NExt time I am in London. will plan to start my day from here.

  15. If anything, this post is the perfect one for foodies! I definitely have seen Dishoom and the breakfast club recommended by many other bloggers too. The cereal killer cafe is some serious business – It reminds me of the studios at Walt Disney Pixar where they have a heap of and a huge range of cereals for the choosing.

  16. I always breakfast rice. Morning, noon and night always eat rice, even I could eat more than 3 times. Maybe that makes me fat. Hehehehhee … I can not just eat breakfast breads and pastries, it still makes me hungry.

  17. There are so many places in London that are absolutely great for breakfast. One of my favorites is Molly Bakes, in Dalston, they make an amazing frekshake that can keep you filled the entire day.

  18. Reading this post at the middle of the night makes me crave for food. How I wish i would wake up having breakfast in London tomorrow. Your photos alone can justify why these places are the best to have breakfast in London. It all look so delicious!

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