Tips To Travel Being Broke

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One of the biggest barriers to travelling is being broke and, there is a way around this. Money shouldn’t be stopping you from taking off for an adventure. Rather than fantasising of that dream holiday, make it happen just with a few compromises. Here, I am going to give tips on travelling whilst being broke. So stop scrolling through all the destinations you want to go to on your Instagram and make it happen this way.

Take a bus, instead of flights and trains:

Buses are a long ride, but it’s a lot cheaper than taking a flight or a train. Hitting the road is the most cost effective way to get away. The example here, taking a flight or a train to Paris from London would cost anything between £60 to £200 whereas taking a bus which would be an overnight journey would cost you as little as £20. Besides, being cheap overnight bus rides will save one night’s stay cost. So, bus it out, folks!


Couchsurfing as the name says it, is literally crashing on someone’s couch for a couple of nights. This is pretty simple, you sign up with Couchsurf, put in your enquiry and find someone that would be willing to accommodate you for a couple of nights. What you could do in return is probably cook a meal for your host or get them a bottle of wine. This would be a sweet gesture for them offering a place to stay.

Exchange of skills for accommodation:

There are a lot of sites like WorldPackers that are tied – up with hostels around the world where you could stay for free in exchange for your skills. So if you’re good at digital marketing, photography or even attending guests at the reception you could apply to hostels and they’d offer a free stay, laundry and even meals at certain places just for your skills and services in return. Working at one of these hostels is a great way to make new friends, meet travellers and on days and evening off explore cities.

Walk or cycle:

I have managed to cover travel and stay in a super budgeted way, but you’d probably wonder what to do on your vacation being broke? You obviously can’t pay for expensive museum visits, guided tours and taxis. The best ways you can explore the city is by taking a walk around, cycling and immerse yourself in the local culture. You’d be surprised how many things you could do and explore for free or minimal cost, it could be something as simple as a picnic in the park or exploring the local markets or spend a day playing volleyball on the beach. What’s so great about not spending money and yet travelling, you will end up doing the less touristy things and see a different aspect of the city.

Cook your meals:

Okay then, you are broke and managing holiday, unfortunately, you can’t be out dining and sipping on some fine wine. So what do you do now? COOK, yes I mean if you’ve found yourself a cheap Airbnb or Couchsurfing, you have the facility to make your own meals. How about visiting some farmers markets, getting yourself fresh ingredients at a bargain and just be experimental with the cuisine and cook yourself a great meal and probably pick up a bottle of cheap wine from the supermarket and celebrate your little getaway.

So, if you think you’re not a digital nomad or don’t have big bucks saved for a holiday and that’s stopping you from taking a vacation. I suggest, just follow your heart and these tips, I am pretty sure if not your dream holiday you’d definitely be able to take a long weekend off. Just save a small sum of money and just travel, life is too short to let anything stop you from travelling.


37 thoughts on “Tips To Travel Being Broke

  1. All of these are good rules and I am at a loss to think of any to add. I dont travel totally broke but we use a lot of these in our travels since we are doing everything on a small retirement pension. We make great use of busses and trains and always rent

  2. didn’t get to finish for some reason the site just submitted the comment. The only thing we can add is going with a site like AirBNB. We do a month at a time in a city and usually get a 50 to 75 percent savings. We can do our own laundry and cook most of our meals.

  3. every time I read something like that.. i regret all the trips I DID NOT take cause I was broke 🙁 Now my showstopper is time ^^ If you come up with ideas concerning this, please, it´s very welcome 😀

  4. Thanks for your awesome tips. It reminds me of my friend who actually leaves outside the city (very far) but works here in the city and he applies similar tips of yours.. now he is more richer than us, lol really smart dude

  5. I concur with your tips! These are all excellent ways to see the world (or your own country) without breaking the bank. I have utilized everything on this list with great success except for the exchange of skills for accommodation. I will have to try that! One comment on the bus, too: I like the bus because I always get off the bus with a story. There is always something happening there and you meet the most interesting people on the bus. When we fly, we are so trained to stay quiet and usually we are not sitting next to someone who is so open and interesting. But on the bus, there is always something interesting to tell! Same goes for Couch Surfing v Hotels. Couch Surfing is way more interesting!

    • I’m sure you can always try exchange of services, it’s a great way to get a free accommodation and sometimes even meals! And you can find jobs according to your interest, could be photography, teaching or anything! And buses are usually a big party and you can meet a lot of chatty people out there, so I agree with you on that.

  6. So long saving is involved, these tipsnwill do anyday anytime for me,. Sometimes we just have that travel on low budgets pplan to be clear on expensis.

  7. My favorite way to save money (and immerse myself in the city) is to walk as much as possible… And to eat food at street vendors and markets to do as the locals do!

  8. It is indeed easy to travel cheap with little bit of planning and I strongly vouch for trading skills with travel. Cooking your own meals too is great!

  9. We have been to so many places in Europe where the bus turns out a lot cheaper than trains. We love the idea of walking or cycling around the city and exploring like locals in that way you get to learn a lot more about the local culture.

    • Yes, taking a bus from one city to another in Europe works out so much cheaper and you also save the cost of staying somewhere for a night if it’s an overnight journey.

  10. Great advice. Too many people use the “I don’t have any money” line as an excuse. With all the resources out here in the modern world, even lack of money is no longer an excuse.

  11. Great tips. Especially for me since I am almost broke but still on the road 🙂
    I would also recommend getting involved in volunteering stints – for short term or long term. Almost all of them around provide free accommodation and food in exchange for help.
    I did three of them already in Thailand and Indonesia. Great way to meet locals too.

  12. Great tips. when i am broke, I usually rely on the map of the place I want to go to and my legs. I take the bus journey only for real long distances else its always the feet. And I try to make sure the place is somewhere near my friends or relatives house so that I can crash in there for the night and get going again in the morning.

  13. Such great advice 🙂 I pretty much use them all – especially Couchsurfing and walking around. One of the best ways to see a place in my opinion. And when you’re broke, you’re forced to go out more and live like the locals do so it’s more of an authentic experience in my opinion!

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