The Sensation Experience 

I’m missing my summer already, I want to share my fun summer moments with all you lovelies. I am a little crazy about music festivals, I love the vibe and the electrifying feeling. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my tomorrowland passes (as always, they were sold out so fast) so I decided to go for a not so commercial festival “Sensation White”. It turns out it was their 15 year anniversary this year, the show was bigger than ever.

The opening act is something you cannot miss, Baker Mat played the opening set accompanied by performances. It’s not your standard EDM festival. This is a show, you have to live and feel the moment. Trapeze performances, the lights and the music. And obviously the most awaited performance of Mr.White was just incredible and crazy!

By the end of 7 hours you are yet alive, and will find yourself dancing to sun rise, it was an exceptional experience where we couldn’t feel our feet after a the night was over.

This isn’t an ordinary music festival, it comes along with a dress code you have to follow. You better be dressed in WHITE or go home! Every person you’d see inside would be dresses in white, seeing a uniformity in the crowd and when it lights flash, it’s just an unimaginable sight. You got to see it, to believe it.

Clearly, this was the best part of my summer.
But if you feel like there’s something you’ve missed out on, don’t worry. Sensation takes place at various destinations throughout the year and the upcoming ones are, “Ocean Of White” in Dubai on 30th October 2015 and “Innerspace” in Monterrey on 7th November 2015.
If not theses, there’s always next year!

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  1. Thank you, this is a non commercial festival and is absolutely amazing! Should have a look and try going for it. The concept of everyone being dressed in white is what I love the most.

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