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So for today’s post, I decided to talk to about my city Mumbai. Most of you’ll know this where I have been born and brought up in South Mumbai, so I thought why not give you’ll an insight about this magnificent city. Mumbai isn’t your average big city; it’s very different from any other big city. It is definitely the city of dreams in India; it’s the city where the magic happens. This dynamic multi-cultured city that never sleeps, all year round you can experience different festivals being celebrated from various regions and cultures across India.

This city is has got something in store for everyone, no kidding! From the famous starry Bollywood industry to millionaire slums (however ironic this sounds, it’s pretty damn true) this is not it, if you’re a finance brainchild or a creative media person, Mumbai has it all for you. For a foodie, there are endless options, from the famous street food like our vada pav and chaats to some of the best fine dine restaurants. But for food, I think India itself has so much to offer like literally, every state in India has it’s own cuisine and speciality. Read more about Mumbai’s street eats here.


But, apart from all this what makes this city so special, it’s the PEOPLE that make this city what it is. I have never come across people that are so humble, helpful and they just don’t fail to make you feel comfortable. If you tend to interact with people in the city, there is story everyone will have on how they made a living in Mumbai. Everyone here is so approachable and friendly, language, age barrier isn’t even a problem to ask someone for help here, cause irrespective of that people will always offer a helping hand. One thing I have noticed over the years is that most people in the city are extremely energetic and passionate about what they do, A story of a driver coming to Mumbai with absolutely nothing, he even spent nights on the railway station taking up odd jobs, soon he got employed as a taxi driver and he noticed he was catering to a lot of foreigners as he used to work near the airport. He felt the need to learn basic English, which he did, thereafter he could communicate with a lot of people and this expanded his horizons. Little did he know, in a years time he bought his own car and started a personalised tourist taxi service in Mumbai and couple of years later he even opened his own Indian fast food restaurant in the city. This was pretty inspirational that from having nothing to owning a company and restaurant, for this he had to say “this was possible for me to do only in Mumbai as in a smaller city, he wouldn’t have the aspirations to become big”.  Well, that being said I believe that if you are truly passionate about something, there’s nothing that can stop you in life.


This was a little glimpse into my city Mumbai,  which is the fourth most populated city in the world and on of the fastest growing cities, and the city of dreams in India. And it’s the only city that gives me the feeling of home.I would love to know about your city and what makes it special.


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  1. I admire how you talk about your city! You seem to love Mumbai a lot. The story of the taxi driver is very inspiring indeed! I’d love to visit Mumbai and feel the good vibes someday 🙂

  2. I have been three times to Mumbai, long ago. I still have a vivid memory about the city and the place I was staying. Good memories last forever

  3. For me when I’m travelling to new places, sights & attractions are important but it always comes down to the people – it sounds like the people of Mumbai are very hospitable, I hope to visit & get to know some of them one day.

  4. You can tell you are deeply in love with Mumbai. I’ve never been, but it sounds like I should put it on our ever growing list! My hometown/city is Chicago and even though we travel all over, we usually find ourselves comparing other cities to it. There’s nothing like the feeling of “home.”

  5. I love the people who love their city and are passionate about them to the point of describing the place, its stories and the people with such love, care and respect. Being a long time expat, I sometimes feel my city too far from my soul to talk about it with such intensity (I still love it, but I just don’t feel it as close, since I haven’t returned in over ten years). I admire your passion, please never lose it.

  6. I love reading the story of the taxi driver. Wow that is very inspirational. It just goes to show that nothing is impossible to a person who is willing to learn and work hard for it.

    Anyway, I haven’t been to Mumbai or India for that matter. But I sure would love to go visit when given a chance.

  7. I have been in Mumbai few years ago and because of this article you reminded me of that trip. I was enjoying Holi festival, that I really love about India. Thanks for sharing yout thoughts.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your home city of Mumbai. I can feel that you care deeply for your city. I definitely can’t wait to visit some day and experience the hospitality and food that you talk about.

  9. I recently visited Mumbai for a day…. too short a visit to understand the city well but nevertheless enjoyed myself at Juhu beach. The pic of pavs kindled my hunger pangs. I hope to withess Ganesh festival in Mumbai some day!

  10. Wow, Mumbai sounds and looks amazing! Your blog is brilliant and really puts across your passion for your city and culture. The food just looks absolutely amazing too! I really hope to be able to visit one day. Thank you for your great blog!

  11. I hope to visit Mumbai and experience the hospitality of its people firsthand someday. I had no idea it is the fourth most populated city in the world…What’s the best time to visit?

  12. Seriously, the way you describe people and atmosphere… I’d never have pictured that when thinking about Mumbai. Reading your storytelling about the guy making his dreams come true in this city just made me happy, thank you 🙂

  13. Seriously, the way you describe people and atmosphere… I’d never have pictured that when thinking about Mumbai. Reading your storytelling about the guy making his dreams come true in this city just made me happy, thank you

  14. Your passion for Mumbai is so incredible! Your descriptions of the people and places are so wonderful. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Mumbai but I feel like it’s definitely a place that deserves a close look in the future. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post!

  15. Thanks for sharing Mumbai with me. The food scene looks amazing.I love how every part of India is so unique. I have only visited Kerala look forward to seeing the rest of India soon.

  16. There’s no place like home huh? For all of us! It’s nice to read how much you love where you’re from. I hope I get to experience Mumbai myself….one day, Sharleen ♡

  17. Mumbai is home and that’s where my heart is. Another inspiring story is that of Dosa King. Came to Mumabi with nothing and built a Dosa empire across India !

  18. Mumbai is a dream city with a multitude of opportunities. We are so much addicted to this city its hustle bustle that it is unimaginable to settle down in any other city. Thanks for this post. Loved reading it 🙂

  19. Loved it. And heres a secret , its my city too I was born here. 🙂 Unfortunately, I left it at the young age of 2 with very little memories and plan to go back next year . It is truly a beautiful place and I love the culture. Its different from what I have grown up amidst in Kolkata but I still love Mumbai. (Who doesnt? 😛 )

  20. I have colleagues who are based in Mumbai and honestly I admire their analytic skills! No wonder there are many successful entrepreneurs from Mumbai. A very interesting city!


  21. That last photograph of the bridge and the “mumbai” graffiti – completely awesome. Love it! you have an eye for photography. The culture in Mumbai is something else, thank you for sharing your loved aspects of your city and the juxtaposition of the bollywood films and the slums.

  22. I loved the story of the taxi driver who ended up being his own boss after a lot of hard work. This actually reminded me of the time when I visited an organisation in New Delhi that was taking care of street children. One of their goals were to make children think of their biggest dream, no matter how big that was, and then direct them into working for it. Some of the children would wanted to become teachers, some of the Bollywood actors. They were all encouraged to follow their dreams.

  23. Mumbai for me is …shopping , food, friends and more shopping. I love the vibrant atmosphere of the city. And the street food. It seems there is always something to do here.

  24. Beautiful pictures, equally beautiful city! I’ve visited Mumbai only once, and I completely loved the energy and vibes of the city. I feel like there is a misconception sometimes about safety here, I felt very safe staying out late and taking autos in the night. Mumbai is awesome to visit!

  25. I want to try the food there in india. In fact I often watch on Youtube Indian street food. Food in India looks very good, there are many ingredients are mixed. But I do not like onions 🙁

  26. Great post! We want to travel to India soon so this post made me even more impatient! The food looks amazing and I love that people is so helpful there. Thanks for sharing all this information 🙂

  27. Mumbai is a city where I have spent considerable time. The city never fails to thrill and excite me as soon as i set foot on it. It has an indescribable magic that pulls me again and again.

  28. I have a little knowledge about India and your capital city, it isn’t new to me as India is one of the most talked countries of many. But this gives me information about your place and I love how you featured it here. I haven’t bee there but I am looking forward to visiting it one day. Not maybe today but hopefully, in the future.

  29. That was a great post! Really great to read. I am travelling to India for the first time this fall, and Mumbai is my first stop. Quiet nervous, but anxious to go!

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