Berlin Party Guide

Berlin is known to be the ultimate party and techno city in Europe, and after experiencing it all, I understand why Berlin nightlife is spoken about so much. I would like to mention that it’s not your mainstream high-end bars and club, the usual vibe you’d expect in a big city. I mean there are the fancy bars in Berlin but that’s not the real party scene. If you are into techno music, visiting Berlin should be on the top of you list.

There are certain rules that you should consider for a night out in Berlin, so here is a guide that will help you understand the Berlin party culture.

Berlin party guide

  1. Dress Down:
    People in Berlin prefer dressing down than being over dressed, its all about the basics here! Jeans, tank tops, leather jackets and boots with a kohl eyes and lipstick, you’re good to go. I would assume people choose comfort to have a good night rather than being dressed up and in stilettos which kind of stops you from having fun after a point. And honestly, I was quite happy with the dressing down culture, cause it saved me a lot of time of getting ready and I could instead go to get a few more drinks!
  2. Enter in smaller groups:
    This is a rather important thing to remember, whether it’s a club or a bar to split yourself in smaller groups. If the bouncer notices a big noisy group it’s very likely that you will be turned down at the door. Hence, to avoid the disappointment it’s better to enter in smaller groups.
  3. Carry Cash:
    This might come across as a strange tip, that why am I asking you’ll to carry cash! This tip is for people like me who always avoid carrying cash or would have minimum cash and prefer swiping. Well, in Berlin at most bars and clubs you have to pay cash only to enter and to buy you drinks. To save yourself the embarrassment it’s advisable to carry sufficient cash for your night out.
  4. Enter Early or Enter Late:
    What I mean by this is, you skip the bar hopping and consider entering the club by 12 am or late would be post 3am, Berlin is known for it’s party scene till wee hours so 3 am wouldn’t be too late. I suggest this for 2 reasons, to avoid waiting it hour long queues to get in the club and when its relatively less crowded the chances of being shunned at the door are less! So maybe take a quick nap, hit the bar and enter the club by 3-4 am and party till dawn or maybe next afternoon if you’ve got that in you!
  5. Pick Blacks or Greys:
    During my night outs in Berlin, I noticed people wouldn’t be dressed in too much colour. It was always darker colours that you’d see people wearing. 80% of the crowd would be in all black! You won’t see people dressed up in bright colours at all. There is no harm in dressing up in a bright pink or green top but it would just lower your chances of getting in and just to blend in the grungy vibe in Berlin pick a darker colour.
  6. Do not take pictures:
    So in most clubs in you will see a sign that says “photo prohibited” and while entering the club they will put a sticker on your phone camera. So well, you cannot take pictures inside the club however tempted you are to snap it or Insta story it, you just can’t here. If you are caught capturing something, you are going to be asked to leave! So save that embarrassment and just enjoy the moment.
    Well, these are about all the tips I have for you to party in Berlin. But above all, I would just like to tell you to be more open minded as partying in Berlin is tad bit different and more underground but definitely an experience.

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  1. Thank you for an exciting set of ideas while hitting the Berlin party scene. Most of the times, i am clueless about what to wear so thanks for clearing that out for me. Except for my MBA days, when the parties would go on till 6 am, I haven’t seen the city life going on till late so Berlin party scene is surely a must do for me! Thanks for a handful set of party ideas once again!

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