About Me

Hi Lovlies!



Hi, I am Aditi Boghani, a girl from a big populated city Mumbai. To tell you’ll a little about myself, I moved to London to pursue my further education. This was literally the first time I was out of my comfort zone and away from perfect the life, I had in Mumbai. Being by yourself and settling and adjusting in a new country is a big challenge, trust me.

But, I feel fortunate to have that opportunity of living London. Here I was studying hard for an accounting and finance degree, but something just didn’t seem right. I knew that I was studying this only cause I was good at accounting and analysis after a lot struggle, hard work and sleepless nights, but was it my passion, I guess not. I yet didn’t know what I was passionate about, so while studying and acing my papers (not really, I managed to do fairly well) I would constantly see myself planning vacations, looking up places I could just go to for a weekend break and I would do it with 1000% dedication, I know I did not give the same dedication to studying, obviously no student would. But, I was crazy I would literally spend 6 hours on my computer screen knowing everything about the place I would want to visit.

While I was in the midst crisis figuring out what I was truly passionate about, I was bitterly heartbroken. It’s a horrible feeling and at that moment when you feel your world has come crumbling down, the only thing you can think of is running away from the situation. My perfect life was clearly not so perfect anymore. So I decided to take a spontaneous holiday and get away. This was probably the best decision I made, this helped me discover myself, it gave me space and time to think about what I really liked and enjoyed. I knew that when I got back to London I was a much more confident, happy and stronger person.

This inspired me to write about my experiences, I believe this would help motivate people to travel and explore the world, I mean you don’t need to be rich to travel, you don’t need a therapist to heal any pain, travelling would be your best therapy. Take it from me, been there done that as they all say, practice before you preach. So here I have for you’ll not so basic travel tips, exciting stories from my experiences and a lot more that you will truly be able to connect with if you’re lost and trying to figure out a beautiful life. Come join me on this exciting roller coaster ride filled with lots of exploration, partying and travel stories.

Lots of love,

Big City Girl aka Aditi Boghani