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Postcards From Venice

Venice is such a picturesque city, literally whatever image you capture which may or may not be with a professional camera, I can guarantee you, it’ll look amazing just by adjusting your brightness settings, the captured image can be printed into a postcard.
I am going to share few of my postcard photography images of Venice which is visited this ‘city of love’.

I’m going to let the pictures talk for themselves about this beautiful city.

Getting closer to the Grand Canal
All the boats parked by one of the canal
Silhouettes after the late sunset
Symmetrically parked boats at the end of the day


Clear skies at San Marco
Grand Canal by night
Capturing the Venetian sunset
A burst of color and sunset reflection
Display of beautiful Venetian masks
The happy tourist – BigCityGirl



One thought on “Postcards From Venice

  1. Beautiful photographs and Venice, oh my dream destination! I would be the happiest girlfriend to be in Venice, and sip espresso while watching my environment.



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